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When you need voiceover work, Lora Cain provides voiceover work with the read you want when you want it! Lora Cain offers voiceover work live through her in home ISDN/mp3 studio or by phone patch for mp3 delivery via email, ftp or CD and you can reach her by email or phone.

She offers voiceover work with same day turnover and often within an hour or two of receiving your script. Lora Cain’s voiceover work have a real, warm, hip, believable, authoritative sound. Lora Cain's voiceover work sound great whether she's on a natural, real announcer part to Moms and 2 voice scripts.

Lora Cain provides voiceover work, takes direction well and gives you just the right read everytime. Lora Cain's voiceover work have been heard on national clients like Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC TV, Subaru, JC Penney, McDonald’s, Pfizer and more and is often chosen to replace a male voice. Lora Cain has voiceover work for all areas especially automotive, technical and medical.

Whether it’s serious, sincere or seductive, Lora Cain offers the voiceover work you need now.



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If you have voiceover jobs that need a professional sound and can be turned around quickly and the way you want them, Lora Cain is the talent for you.

For voiceover jobs you're proud of, choose Lora

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