Lora Cain female voice over talent provides voice overs for Commercials, Promos, TV Shows, Radio, Narrations, Films, Documentaries & Animation



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Lora Cain is a female voice talent who is able to provide Conversational, Warm, Authoritative, Friendly, Real, Professional voice overs with very fast voice over services via ISDN, email or FTP!

*NEWS* - Lora has been the Live Announcer for 6 years in a row of CNN's Heroes Award Show! Check out her work on CNN and Wheel of Fortune below! CONTACT

CNN 2012 Heroes Award Show
CNN 2011 Heroes Award Show
Lora Cain on Wheel of Fortune
Lora Cain on Game Show Network

She's a female voice over talent for Platinum Weddings on WeTV, Jimmy Kimmel Live! - ABC, Subaru, MSNBC, HGTV, Pfizer, NEC, JC Penney's, and TV stations including KCBS/LA to Dallas to Washington DC!

Voiceover - for Commercials, TV Shows, Films, Narrations, Promos, Video Games, Animation and Trailers! In House ISDN & MP3 Studio voice over work when you need it the way you need it! When you need a female voice talent, let me audition your copy today!

  • Commercial - Voiceovers for Radio and TV Commercials as well as Web Advertisements

  • Narration - for Flash presentations, Tutorials, Training Videos, Documentaries, Corporate Presentations, Industrials, Audio Books, Powerpoints, and Walking Tours

  • TV Promo & Trailer - Voiceover Services and Promos for Television Shows, Films and Trailers

  • TV Promo News - Voiceover Services for Television News Promos, Programming and Station Identification

  • Animation - Voiceovers for Cartoons, Video Games, Avatars, Role Play, Computer Game voiceovers, and even the voices of animated characters in film

  • Documentary - Narration and voiceover for documentaries of all kinds including entertainment, historical, environmental and travel
  • Political - Voiceovers for commercials for Moderate and Progressive political candidates

  • Radio Promo - Voiceover imaging for Sweepers, Liners, Promos, and ID's for stations around the world

War, Death & Destruction: Hard News VO Video Demo Lora Cain on Camera: How to Break into the Voice Over Business Lora Cain on Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

Lora Sings! Hear clips from her album "Choose Love"!

To buy a CD p visamcamexdisc


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